Aurora Women’s Empowerment Foundation Makes Grant Possible

Jetara Perry, Founder and Executive Director at Imperfect Angels Organization

AURORA, IL, USA, February 8, 2023. The Aurora Women’s Empowerment Foundation—an organization which seeks to reimagine female empowerment through supporting programs offered by Aurora-area nonprofits—has awarded a grant to Imperfect Angels of Illinois—Aurora Chapter to help fund its development and mentoring programs for girls, young women, and families coping with challenging behaviors of adolescence.

“With the increase in youth violence, media misguidance, and teen suicides, it’s certainly not getting any easier becoming a young woman today,” said Amy Baudouin, Board Chair, Aurora Women’s Empowerment Foundation (AWEF). “Imperfect Angels’ programs help area girls who have been bullied or have experienced other social challenges learn valuable life skills needed to be successful humans, while helping families build better home environments and support systems. With this grant, Imperfect Angels is poised to expand further their life-saving and life-enriching program in our community.”

Amy Baudouin, Board Chair

Jetara Perry

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2016, Imperfect Angels Organization (IAO) has a mission to provide community programs that will educate, unify, and inspire girls and young women who are underserved or suffering from deflated perceptions of self-worth and purpose. Its founder, Jetara Perry, is the driving force of IAO. Prior to creating the nonprofit, Jetara and her family were doing all they could to support her younger sister, a middle-school student, who had been severely bullied and physically attacked by a group of high school students.

“When you’re bullied, the effects reach far beyond the initial incident,” said Jetara Perry, Founder and Executive Director at IAO. “Many bullied youth break down mentally, physically, or educationally and develop destructive behaviors that show up in the classroom, at home, and in the community. And, as is often the case, it can be very difficult for family members to understand and provide the support needed to help youth get back on track. We exist to help girls and their families overcome these challenges and help girls change the trajectory of their future, while strengthening families.”

Imperfect Angels’ 2024 programming features a series of workshops (virtual and in-person), as well as special bonding retreats and seminars. To help reinforce learning experiences, the program also includes a unique Angel Badge of Honor system. “This system is an organized set of tasks that every young woman and girl needs to build love, respect, and responsibility for themselves and others, and is essential to help them explore and, ultimately, reach their full potential,” said Jetara.  Participating girls find the Badge of Honor system enjoyable as they gain the tools needed to sustain independence and a sense of self-accomplishment. The system tasks can also count towards a participant’s community service hours.

Aurora leaders are encouraged to share Imperfect Angels Organization’s programs with others in the community. To learn more, please call or text 630-281-0750 or e-mail  The 2024 program is underway and youth and their families can join at any time. To sign up, click here to begin.

Mayor Richard Irvin recognized Imperfect Angels with the Mayor’s Service Above Self Award for their work in continuing the mission and vision of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through their work with Aurora youth


The Aurora Women’s Empowerment Foundation mission is to elevate and empower Aurora-area women and future women by making grants to tax-exempt nonprofits engaged in meaningful, measurable work that helps women over the hurdles of inequity and exclusion, propelling them forward with life-changing programs and services.  For more information about grants made by AWEF, including our grant guidelines and online application, visit

Imperfect Angels Organization was established in 2016 and has a mission to provide community programs that will educate, unify, and inspire young and adult women who are underserved or suffering from deflated perceptions of self- worth and purpose. Learn more at Help support our mission here.