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October 19

Our Hope for Social Justice:  A Candid Conversation About Race, Justice and Living Better, Together featuring Ms. Mungi Ngomane and Reverend Naomi Tutu

This online event will feature Ms. Mungi Ngomane, author of the book Everyday Ubuntu:  Living Better Together, The African Way, and her mother, Reverend Naomi Tutu.   Reverend Tutu and Ms. Ngomane are the daughter and granddaughter of Nobel Peace Prize recipient and human rights activist, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

They proudly carry on their family legacy of fighting for racial justice and equality, while highlighting the ways we are more alike, than different.  Our event will feature Ms. Ngomane discussing the African philosophy of ubuntu, that celebrates the universal human bond and Reverend Tutu demonstrating how we can use these principles to further racial justice initiatives in our own communities.

Individual cost to participate in the virtual conversation is $35.

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We are currently seeking sponsors to host this wonderful event with.  If you would like to be a part of this important evening,  please contact Amy Seyller at 708-209-7597 or amys@awe-foundation.org

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